About the ‘My Games’ Project

 A new record for a new era

What will be the visual legacy of the Games of 2012 and what might this tell future generations about the nation and its attitudes towards the Olympic Games?

The staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, and at other venues throughout the UK, in the summer of 2012 will doubtless generate the production of millions of images, ranging from meticulously produced paintings to the humble photograph casually taken on a mobile phone. This provides an ideal opportunity to generate a visual archive recording how the Games are experienced not just by those performing, but also by those watching.


Focusing initially on the South West region, the ‘My Games’ project invites anyone to submit images that express their personal interaction with, or response to, the Games. Whether recording a journey to watch an event live, or documenting the experience of listening to the Games on the radio whilst mowing the lawn; holding a street party or being inspired to play games on a local level; or perhaps even ignoring the Games altogether or protesting against them.

We are looking to preserve and present the most imaginative, quirky, diverse and entertaining visual responses (in any medium) to London 2012 to establish an alternative archive to the more formal record that is being officially collected.

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The ‘My Games’ project is run by Dr Mike O’Mahony

with assistance from Dr Louise Hughes and Sam Taylor